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BNI®’s SuccessNet is our monthly newsletter designed with our global BNI® family in mind! This is an opportunity for members, directors, and BNI® alumni to tell us the value of their BNI® experience and share their personal testimonials.

Stories here describe unique BNI® experiences, how referrals and deals came to be, obstacles were overcome, and members of the BNI® family grew personally and professionally. We also proudly feature stories that can help develop networking skills, foster new opportunities, and contribute to the BNI® culture of Givers Gain®.

Check out some highlights from this month’s edition of SuccessNet below, and don’t forget to share your story with us for future editions!

Highlights from International Networking Week
This year’s International Networking Week saw countless events across the globe, as hundreds of business people experienced networking in a whole new way. BNI Malta pictured to the right.
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The BNI® Experience in New Zealand
What does BNI mean to BNI members in New Zealand?  Referral marketing can mean more to members than just growing their business quickly and effectively, it’s also about building relationships.
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What Makes a Good Testimonial?
Who should you give a testimonial to? When should you believe a testimonial? Where should you look for quality testimonials before hiring someone? These are all great questions, and BNI Ambassador Michelle Gray of Vermont tackles them this month.
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Features Tell, But Benefits Sell
From the Founder and the co-author of his newest book, “The Networking Disconnect,” Dr. Ivan Misner and Brennan Scanlon discuss how inspirational language with a benefits-focused message can help build relationships.
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